What Makes CakePHP So Popular?

CakePHP is one of the most popular frameworks, especially for web-based applications. Across the world, web developers use this framework to create extraordinary applications with ease. So what makes CakePHP so popular? To begin with, it is an open source framework, which uses PHP. Companies can create robust and effective websites by using simple coding procedures. While there are several PHP based frameworks available in the market today, CakePHP development is highly preferred by all professional programmers. We have listed some of the important reasons that contributes to the ever-increasing popularity of CakePHP

Model-View-Control Architecture

CakePHP development uses the model-view-control architecture, which helps you differentiate business logic from data and design. These models would connect your database with different queries and save the data in your preferred database. The views are presented to the end user in a viewable format whereas the active controllers work on the data before it interacts with the model or the database.


While working on the CakePHP framework, programmers can use the pre-written code into different projects, which eventually saves them a lot of time. Instead of focusing on codes, the developers can now dedicate more time towards the creative or the logical part of the project. Codes can be taken from different sources and easily integrated with ongoing projects.


CakePHP development is compatible with the ORM (object relational mapping) technique, which combines the elements of object oriented cakephp programming. Data is stored in the form of tables, which are later featured as classes. Thereafter, relationship is defined amongst different tables with the help of these classes. Callbacks and validation definitions can also be predefined with the CakePHP framework.


CakePHP development does not require any configuration before programmers can start using it. Apart from the database connection setting, a majority of settings and features are auto detected. This saves a lot of time especially since programmers are no longer required to study the configuration settings. Also, the CakePHP framework comes with built-in validation features, which are simple to use as well as efficient. Based on the sensitivity of the project, programmers can add multiple validation rules to any file and take advantage of the advanced validation function.


CakePHP framework comes with the CRUD functionality that facilitates easy management of data. It helps you create, read, delete and update different entities in the system. A majority of the data management issues are resolved merely by implementing the CRUD in the CakePHP framework. Programmers can store and compress data within the framework. There is an entire development community that can help you resolve CakePHP development issues. As we all know, CakePHP is an open source platform that can help programmers create effectual and cost effective websites.

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